Tiki Caravan


Ever fancied owning an amazing small space that is guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you are? Well now you can with our customised Tiki Teardrop Caravans. They are designed to look uber cool and chic whilst being a practical small space that can be towed by pretty much any vehicle with a tow bar. Also every Tiki is different from the other as the interior is designed and built to your specifications. Fancy turning it into an all singing all dancing theater… done! Maybe you want something that has plenty of storage options, or even a fancied a catering caravan with a difference. We can accommodate your exact needs and anything is possible.

Small on the outside but spacious on the inside, we ensure that no space is wasted. If you can see yourself cruising down to the beach with one of these on tow then give us a shout!

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